Length: 200 to 400 mm
Width: 100 to 400 mm
Height: 150 to 600 mm

It forms and seals the bottom of uniform sized american type boxes automatically folding the 4 bottom flaps. After the forming and sealing with self-adhesive tape the box is sent to a manual filling station or to a pick & place packer to be than top sealed.


The compact dimensions allow GOLDFLEX to be installed in existing lines optimizing the space.

• Heavy duty & reliable machines
• Forming a wide range of different box sizes
• Quick and easy changeovers
• Minimal servicing



• Management with dedicated logic with Eprom and 2×40 LCD display
• Electro-pneumatic drive
• Picking head with suction cups powered by a Venturi vacuum system
• Adjustment made by unique counters
• Safety guards with unique coding RFID
• Flap folding system performance is assured by the perfect synchronous lever movements
• Control panels and switches ergonomically located
• All the machines are entirely manufactured in Italy according to EEC Standards


Electrical power supply: three-phase, 400V/50Hz
Installed power: 0,30 kW
Air consumption: 18 nl per production cycle at 6 bar
Electrical protection level : IP54
Service temperature: From +5°C to +35°C
Productivity: 650 boxes/h
Standard magazine: 90/100 boxes
Weight: 500 Kgs

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