Goldtape 56 RF

Vertical belts


Length: 220 to 600 mm
Width: 120 to 510 mm
Height: 120 to 510 mm


Carton sealer that automatic adjustable on different box sizes with top flap folder, simultaneous tape sealing and closing of the top and bottom flaps of American type boxes.


• Heavy duty & reliable machines
• Smooth and efficient operating taping heads
• Quick and easy changeovers
• Minimal servicing



• 2 columns with one pneumatic cylinder each to simultaneously move top taping head & flap folder frame
• 2 side driving belts with adjustment on different box width trough pneumatic cylinders
• Automatic – pneumatic device for closing the upper flaps
• 4 side pressure rollers to keep the box flaps closed
• Machine movement synchronization managed by PLC
• Possibility to automatically exclude the bottom sealing or the upper sealing of the boxes passing through
• Possibility to limit the height excursion of the taping head frame, in order to fasten the operativity
• Slot to check their operations



Electrical power supply: 3-phase, 400V/50Hz
Installed power: 0,55 kW
Installed power with DCA 50RF: 0,8 kW
Air consumption: 30 nl. per production cycle at 6 bar
Air consumption with DCA 50RF: 40 nl. per production cycle at 6 bar
Electrical protection level : IP 54
Service temperature: From +5°C to +35°C
Productivity: 400/420 boxes/h
Box transfer speed : 27 mt/min.

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